The Shadow Over Portage and Main (signed paperback)

Edited by Keith Cadieux and Dustin Geeraert

Includes preface by Jonathan Ball and short story by (Jonathan Ball writing as) Richard Crow. Signed by Ball. Contributors: David Annandale, Eric Bradshaw, Keith Cadieux, Richard Crow, Dustin Geeraert, Joanna Graham, Christina Koblun, Zacharie Montreuil, Josh Moore, Daria Patrie, Brock Peters, Géza A.G. Reilly, John Stintzi, Jeremy Strong, Elin Thordarson.

Winnipeg is a place of extremes. Winters are fierce and relentless. Summers are unbearably hot. It has been both the murder and auto theft capital of Canada and the Slurpee capital of the world. It is a place that exerts an influence, that marks and changes its inhabitants. This anthology features writers who have all lived in Winnipeg for a time and been inspired, horrified, changed by that experience. The stories here capture a tone of history, dread, violence, weirdness, and sometimes even whimsy; a tone that only Winnipeg exudes.

The world inside these Shadows is a dangerous place to be. For one thing, it’s terribly dark in there, and the darkness itself is horrible and unsettling. I urge you to take care. I suggest that you don’t look up the photographs that will steal more than just your soul. And I wonder if it’s wise to browse through this monstrous bookstore. And dear, if you think you’re about to experience a peaceful morning in the country, I think you might be wrong. There are curious uses for corpses in this world. And some really, really bad healthcare that is not for the weak or easily distressed. If you are up to unwholesome journey this book will take you on – I highly suggest you bundle up and keep a light handy. This darkness bleeds. And if it bleeds, I reads. You should too.

     – Susie Moloney, author of Things Withered, The Thirteen, The Dwelling, A Dry Spell,* and *Bastion Falls

KEITH CADIEUX’s 2010 novella Gaze was listed for a Manitoba Book Award and the ReLit award. His short fiction has most recently appeared in Prairie Fire, Grain, ELQ, and the Exile Book of New Canadian Noir. He lives in Winnipeg.

DUSTIN GEERAERT holds degrees in literature from the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Manitoba. After eight years in Winnipeg, he has nearly completed his PhD. He has one previous collection of stories, The Celestial Puppeteer (Kindle edition 2012) and his academic work has appeared in The Lovecraft Annual (2014) and The Journal of the William Morris Society (2012).