Shared World 2 (signed paperback)

Limited Edition of 100


Introduction by S.M. Beiko

"Red" by Chadwick Ginther

"There Were Once Words" by Jonathan Ball

"Kaa-Shufa" by GMB Chomichuk & James Gillespie

Illustrations by GMB Chomichuk


An exclusive, illustrated, signed and numbered limited edition for collectors and true fans. Featuring three exclusive short stories sets in a horror-fantasy world inspired by the work of Robert E. Howard and H.P. Lovecraft.

A spirit- possessed tracker must apprehend her traitorous kin and make him answer for the murder of the Spear King. A beloved brother is taken beneath a ruined city to become lover and host to a devouring shadow. A cannibal shaman exiled from her clan  hunts a sorcerer in seek of dark knowledge. 

Paperback, 144 pages